People in many parts of the world are continuously exposed to highly subjective, irrational, non-factual and misleading claims and misinformation from politicians, the main stream media (MSM), countless minority interests, deluded left-wing fanatics, and not to be excluded, conservative propagandists.

The task of countering the barrage of propaganda and political correctness that is reshaping our accepted worldview beyond recognition has reached a point where re-educating the emerging corrosive mindset has become a formidable task.

In short, we are witnessing a rapid decline in Western societal values, particularly in our leaders and academics, to a point where the rule of law and what was once known as ‘common sense’ no longer holds rational meaning.

This website offers views and ideas that are not published (let alone discussed) by Australia’s main stream media.

It challenges political correctness and invites informed critique and open debate.

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represents knowledge, integrity, imagination, intuition, and dignity. With knowledge, we gain understanding and wisdom, and therefore greater control over our life.



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